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Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Biblical Outline of End-Time Events

America has been blessed with unusual freedom for more than two centuries. But now -- as multitudes reject God's Word, justify immorality, laugh at evil, and embrace depravity -- the protective walls of justice and integrity are fast eroding. In their place, we see a rising tower of global tyranny.

Americans are no longer safe from the persecution that has tested the faith of Christians through the centuries. In fact, God warns us that the global battle against Biblical Truth will surely intensify. While we don't know His timing, He tells us to be alert -- always ready to follow His way, trust His grace, and demonstrate His strength -- no matter how fierce the foe.

God is Amazing!

by David J. Stewart

God is Truly Amazing!

Is there really a God? Is there really a Divine Creator or did the universe around us just "evolve?" What an incredible thought to even imagine that there could be a supernatural being so powerful as to create a universe. Wow! Now that's a scary thought! Do I really have to stand in judgment before this Creator? I'm scared to even think about it, what would I say? What manner of being could create a world? If such a God exists, it is most frightening indeed.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yeshua the Jewish Messiah

Yeshua the Messiah

By,David M. Hargis

Yeshua is the original Hebrew proper name for Jesus of Nazareth, a Jewish Rabbi (and more) who lived from about 6 B.C.E. to 27 C.E. (A.D.) In other words, Yeshua was the name His mother called Him when shall called Him for supper.

Jesus is a mis-transliteration of the Greek mis-transliteration, Yeysu. (Some say the name Jesus probably developed from the name of the pagan god Zeus, but there is little or no evidence for this.) It is true that Emporer Constatine mistook Jesus for the Greek god Apollo, but that is another story.

It is the most proper to call Him Yeshua, since only in the Hebrew does His name have any meaning. In Hebrew Yeshua means both "Salvation," and the concatenated form of Yahoshua, the "L-RD who is Salvation." The name Jesus has no intrinsic meaning in English, except as it is known as His name in English. (Therefore, we cannot deny the name Jesus, since this name commonly identifies the Messiah to English speaking people.)

Many people of the world believe Yeshua to be the promised Lamb of G-d, who was chosen to be sacrificed for all mankind's sin. The Bible declares that mankind must have a blood sacrifice to substitute punishment for their sins by placing them on the sacrifice, figuratively speaking. The sacrifice has to be blameless, else the punishment could not be substituted, since the thing sacrificed would be dying for its own sins. Clean and spotless animals were once sacrificed as a temporal measure until a fully qualified sacrifice could be supplied at the proper time. Followers of Yeshua believe He was that perfect sacrifice. He is a man, who could be properly substituted for mankind, yet G-d in the flesh, for only G-d is sinless. Only G-d Himself is a pure enough sacrifice to satisfy His holy justice, for all men have sinned.

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