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Friday, July 01, 2011

YouTube - ‪New! Mike Hoggard-Baphomet Has Been Born! (HD)‬‏

YouTube - ‪New! Mike Hoggard-Baphomet Has Been Born! (HD)‬‏: ""

YouTube - ‪Celente on Greece Int'l Mafia Federation stealing big!‬‏

YouTube - ‪Celente on Greece Int'l Mafia Federation stealing big!‬‏: ""

The Emergent Church- A new wave of evangelical identity

The Emergent Church- A new wave of evangelical identity: "The purpose of this article is to critique a relatively new wave of Christian identity known as the Emergent Church. It is a rapidly growing network of individual believers and Churches who would prefer to be understood as a conversation or a friendship rather than an organization. Yet due to the overwhelming interest in Emergent, those who have joined the conversation have found it necessary to organize and designate leaders on the national and international levels. Other titles associated with Emergent include: post-evangelical, post-conservative, post-fundamentalists, post-foundationalists, post-propositionalist, and younger evangelicals. www.emergentvillage.com is a primary web site for emergent."

Introducing the Emerging Church, Part 1

Introducing the Emerging Church, Part 1: "From the very beginning, the battle between good and evil has been a battle for the truth. The serpent, in the Garden of Eden, began his temptation by questioning the truthfulness of God's previous instruction: 'Indeed, has God said, 'You shall not eat from any tree of the garden'? ... 'You surely shall not die! For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil' (Gen. 3:1,4-5). And this has been his tactic ever since--casting doubt on the straightforward revelation of God."


WE KNOW MORE OF THE BIBLE THAN YOU MAY THINK : Apprising Ministries: " Dr. Gene Veith, Culture Editor of World Magazine and former Associate Professor of English at Concordia University-Wisconsin, tells us this is because “postmodernism assumed [i.e. philosophy] that there is no objective truth, that moral values are relative, and that reality is socially constructed” by various “communities.” Veith then explains:

Whereas modernism sought to rid the world of religion, postmodernism spawns new ones. Unconstrained by objectivity, tradition, reason, or morality, these new faiths differ radically from Christianity. They draw on strains of the most ancient and primitive paganism. Even the deconstructionists speak in mystical terms…

The deconstructionists dissolve every positive statement, every rational argument, every truth claim—destroying form, they say, so as to open up what lies beyond the possibilities of representation… The inadequacies of language will be left behind,… Postmodernism, in its rejection of objective truth, have clear affinities with Hinduism and Buddhism, which teach that the external world is only an illusion spun by the human mind. [1]"

Cairo street clashes leave more than 1,000 injured | World news | The Guardian

Cairo street clashes leave more than 1,000 injured | World news | The Guardian: "The fiercest street fighting seen in central Cairo since the fall of Hosni Mubarak has left more than 1,000 people injured, as popular dissatisfaction with the military-led transitional government boiled over into violence.

In what analysts have labelled a 'critical turning point' in Egypt's ongoing revolution, several thousand people clashed with heavily armed riot police in and around Tahrir Square on Tuesday night, leading to dozens of arrests.

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces blamed 'sedition' for the unrest and vowed to hunt down those responsible. Throughout Tuesday night and yesterday morning protesters chanted demands for the resignation of Egypt's de facto leader, Field Marshall Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, as security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowds."

Alien battleship, 'Star Gate' or ICBM? Mysterious bubble-like light burst seen over Hawaii has internet sky watchers puzzled | Mail Online

Alien battleship, 'Star Gate' or ICBM? Mysterious bubble-like light burst seen over Hawaii has internet sky watchers puzzled | Mail Online

Amazon threatens to cut ties with 10,000 affiliates over California's new online sales tax law | Mail Online

Amazon threatens to cut ties with 10,000 affiliates over California's new online sales tax law | Mail Online: "It’s a fascinating battle between the world's largest online retailer and a state that desperately needs to raise some cash.

Now Amazon is warning more than 10,000 California sales affiliates that it may have to sever ties with them if the state starts taxing their online sales.

Shopping at Amazon and other major internet stores is also expected to get more expensive for consumers living in the wealthiest U.S. state."

U.S. caught China buying more debt than disclosed - Yahoo! News

U.S. caught China buying more debt than disclosed - Yahoo! News: "The incident calls into question just how clear a handle the Treasury has had on who is buying U.S. debt. Chinese entities hold at least $1.115 trillion in U.S. government debt, and are thought to account for roughly 26 percent of the paper issued by Washington, according to U.S. government data released on June 15.
China's vast Treasury holdings are both a lifeline and a vulnerability for Washington - if the Chinese sold their Treasuries all at once, it could undermine U.S. markets and the economy by driving interest rates higher very quickly. Scenarios of this sort have been discussed in Washington defense-policy circles for at least a year now. Not knowing the full extent of these holdings would make it even more difficult to assess China's political leverage over U.S. finances."

Revealed: British government's plan to play down Fukushima | Environment | The Guardian

Revealed: British government's plan to play down Fukushima | Environment | The Guardian: "British government officials approached nuclear companies to draw up a co-ordinated public relations strategy to play down the Fukushima nuclear accident just two days after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and before the extent of the radiation leak was known.

Internal emails seen by the Guardian show how the business and energy departments worked closely behind the scenes with the multinational companies EDF Energy, Areva and Westinghouse to try to ensure the accident did not derail their plans for a new generation of nuclear stations in the UK.

'This has the potential to set the nuclear industry back globally,' wrote one official at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), whose name has been redacted. 'We need to ensure the anti-nuclear chaps and chapesses do not gain ground on this. We need to occupy the territory and hold it. We really need to show the safety of nuclear.'

Officials stressed the importance of preventing the incident from undermining public support for nuclear power."

Villaraigosa Ignores Outcry, Will Build 6-Foot Wall Around Mansion « CBS Los Angeles

Villaraigosa Ignores Outcry, Will Build 6-Foot Wall Around Mansion « CBS Los Angeles: "Despite the objections of his neighbors, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has ordered city officials to proceed with a plan to erect a six-foot wall around the mayor’s mansion.

The wall — which would flank the sides of Getty House in Hancock Park — recently drew the ire of local residents in February when Villaraigosa filed a request for a local variance that prohibits any fencing that exceeds 42 inches in height."

Hugo Chavez Cancer: Venezuelan President Has Surgery To Remove Tumor

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez revealed that he is fighting cancer after having a tumor removed in Cuba, raising uncertainty about his political future even as he assured his country he expects to fully recover.

Strauss-Kahn Case Seen as in Jeopardy - NYTimes.com

Strauss-Kahn Case Seen as in Jeopardy - NYTimes.com: "“It is a mess, a mess on both sides,” one official said.

According to the two officials, the woman had a phone conversation with an incarcerated man within a day of her encounter with Mr. Strauss-Kahn in which she discussed the possible benefits of pursuing the charges against him. The conversation was recorded.

That man, the investigators learned, had been arrested on charges of possessing 400 pounds of marijuana. He is among a number of individuals who made multiple cash deposits, totaling around $100,000, into the woman’s bank account over the last two years. The deposits were made in Arizona, Georgia, New York and Pennsylvania.

The investigators also learned that she was paying hundreds of dollars every month in phone charges to five companies. The woman had insisted she had only one phone and said she knew nothing about the deposits except that they were made by a man she described as her fiancé and his friends."

Russia to deploy 2 army brigades in Arctic - Yahoo! News

Russia to deploy 2 army brigades in Arctic - Yahoo! News: "Russia's defense minister says the military will deploy two army brigades to help protect the nation's interests in the Arctic.
Anatoly Serdyukov says his ministry is working out specifics, such as troops numbers, weapons and bases, but a brigade includes a few thousand soldiers.
Serdyukov was quoted by Russian news agencies as saying Friday the brigades could be based in Murmansk, Arkhangelsk or other areas.
Russia, the U.S., Canada, Denmark and Norway have been trying to assert jurisdiction over parts of the Arctic, believed to hold up to a quarter of the Earth's undiscovered oil and gas."

AFRICOM: AF, Navy still flying Libya missions - Air Force News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq - Air Force Times

AFRICOM: AF, Navy still flying Libya missions - Air Force News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq - Air Force Times: "Air Force and Navy aircraft are still flying hundreds of strike missions over Libya despite the Obama administration’s claim that American forces are playing only a limited support role in the NATO operation.

An Africa Command (AFRICOM) spokeswoman confirmed Wednesday that since NATO’s Operation Unified Protector (OUP) took over from the American-led Operation Odyssey Dawn on March 31, the U.S. military has flown hundreds of strike sorties. Previously, Washington had claimed that it was mostly providing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and tanker support to NATO forces operating over Libya."

Broken deals, bitter words and a state shuts down | StarTribune.com

Broken deals, bitter words and a state shuts down | StarTribune.com: "Talks imploded Thursday between DFL Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican legislative leaders in the final hours before a midnight deadline, and Minnesota began a historic government shutdown.

'This is a night of deep sorrow for me,' Dayton said in an address at 10 p.m. that was punctuated by jeers and hisses from Republicans, including some lawmakers.

The governor said his last offer would have raised income taxes only on those earning more than $1 million a year -- an estimated 7,700 Minnesotans, or 0.3 percent of all taxpayers, according to the Revenue Department.

Republicans rejected the proposal, Dayton said, because they 'prefer to protect the richest handful of Minnesotans at the expense of everyone else.'"

YouTube - ‪Tarpley from Tripoli: Take fishing boat and you'll be drone-bombed‬‏

YouTube - ‪Tarpley from Tripoli: Take fishing boat and you'll be drone-bombed‬‏: ""

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quotes You Don't Know

‎1865: In a statement to Congress, President Abraham Lincoln states,
"I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me, and the financial institutions in the rear. Of the two, the one in my rear is my greatest foe."

U.S. recognizes Muslim Brotherhood - Tim Mak - POLITICO.com

U.S. recognizes Muslim Brotherhood - Tim Mak - POLITICO.com: "“The political landscape in Egypt has changed, and is changing… It is in our interests to engage with all of the parties that are competing for parliament or the presidency,” said the official, who confirmed the news to Reuters on condition of anonymity."

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Riyadh will build nuclear weapons if Iran gets them, Saudi prince warns | World news | The Guardian

Riyadh will build nuclear weapons if Iran gets them, Saudi prince warns | World news | The Guardian: "A senior Saudi Arabian diplomat and member of the ruling royal family has raised the spectre of nuclear conflict in the Middle East if Iran comes close to developing a nuclear weapon.

Prince Turki al-Faisal, a former Saudi intelligence chief and ambassador to Washington, warned senior Nato military officials that the existence of such a device 'would compel Saudi Arabia … to pursue policies which could lead to untold and possibly dramatic consequences'.

He did not state explicitly what these policies would be, but a senior official in Riyadh who is close to the prince said yesterday his message was clear.

'We cannot live in a situation where Iran has nuclear weapons and we don't. It's as simple as that,' the official said. 'If Iran develops a nuclear weapon, that will be unacceptable to us and we will have to follow suit.'"

Herescope: Demons, Daughters and DNA

READ MORE HERE: Herescope: Demons, Daughters and DNA: "Recently, question has arisen over the understanding of the daughters of men, sons of God and mighty men of old as described in the Genesis record, question that has been occasioned by a recent post on the Herescope blog.[1] Because Herescope doubts the sensational understanding of the biblical text (i.e., Genesis 6:1-5) by Tom and Nita Horn around which they construct their chapter “The Spirit Behind Transhumanism” (Chapter 9) in their book, Forbidden Gates: How Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology, and Human Enhancement Herald the Dawn of Techno-Dimensional Warfare, one critic debunks the Herescope article asserting that the Horns’ understanding of the text in question is the only valid one.[2]"

Alleged is that “Watchers,” as a book of Enoch calls them, or “sons of God” (B’nai ha elohim) as Genesis names them, are powerful spirit beings that “mingled themselves with humans, giving birth to part-celestial, part-terrestrial hybrids known as ‘Nephilim’.”[3] Based upon this interpretation, this critic of the Herescope post cavalierly dismisses Mrs. Goodroad’s alternative interpretation “as an example of very poor exegesis” and that “there really is no valid scholarship to suggest otherwise”?[4] Condescendingly, he asserts that Mrs. Goodroad’s take is “histrionic” (i.e., meaning “excessively emotional or dramatic”).

So it must be asked, is the Horns’ interpretation the only possible way to view the passage in question? Is it legitimate of them to extract the inferences they do out of the biblical text that “other” sources confirm? In order to make that determination, we must look at the particulars of Genesis 6 to understand what it says in order to know what it doesn’t, all the while knowing that, “Few episodes in Scripture defy dogmatic interpretation as does this one.”[5] With this stated, we begin by asking, who were the “sons of God”?

Who were the “sons of God”?

In his fine commentary on Genesis, Allen Ross notes “four predominant interpretations of the ‘sons of God’: they are
  1. the line of Seth, the godly line;
  2. fallen angels;
  3. lesser gods; or
  4. despots, powerful men.”[6]
As evidenced by reading both the Horns’ and Goodroad’s interpretations, both fall within the interpretative options Ross lists; the Horns identifying with number two, and Goodroad with number four. Obviously, if Goodroad’s interpretation falls within the fourth category, it is unfair to call her understanding “poor” and “histrionic.”

For sound biblical reason, and taking their cue from the late Judaic and early Christian understanding (this understanding lost currency amongst Jews and Christians a few centuries after Jesus lived), the Horns see the sons of God as evil angels, for scripturally that’s what the designation can mean. This understanding influenced G.H. Pember (1837-1910) to assert that the seventh sign of the Noah-like days preceding Jesus’ Second Coming will be: “The appearance upon earth of beings from the Principality of the Air, and their unlawful intercourse with the human race.”[7] (See “as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be,” Matthew 24:37 ff.)

Indicating that the “sons of God” were angels, Job states: “Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among them” (Emphasis added, Job 1:6; See also Job 38:7.). In their allusion to the Genesis history, both Peter and Jude understood the “sons of God” in this way. Jude wrote that the angels “did not keep their own domain, but abandoned their proper abode,” and “Just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them . . . they [the angels] in the same way as these [the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah] indulged in gross immorality and went after strange flesh” (Emphasis added, Jude 6-7; Compare 2 Peter 2:4.). Ross describes that, “these ‘sons of God’ . . . [were] a lusty, powerful lot, striving for fame and fertility.”[8]

But regarding these angels, we note that both Jude and Peter confirm that they now exist “in eternal bonds under darkness for the judgment of the great day” (Jude 6), and have been “cast down to hell, and delivered into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment” (2 Peter 2:4). Contra the Horns, who with Pember assert that the “seventh and most fearful sign” of Jesus’ return will “be the return of the spirits of the Nephilim,” these spirits will not be released from their current incarceration to pursue DNA altering liaisons with beautiful women.[9] Anyway, such an attempt to destroy the Promise by corrupting Eve’s “seed” (Genesis 3:15)—the Messianic line—would now be futile in that both Satan and his hosts know the Christ has come and they are defeated (See John 16:11.).

Is the King James Bible harder to read

Is the King James Bible harder to read: "People have been conned with the lie that the new versions are much easier to understand. I've heard many times, 'The King James is too hard to understand.'

But the facts tell a different story. . .

Gail Riplinger has a chapter in her best-selling New Age Bible Versions titled 'King James for Kids'. Mrs. Riplinger provides 23 pages of irrefutable evidence proving the King James Bible is far easier to understand and read. She lists over 350 examples in the New Testament where the King James Bible is much easier and simpler to understand.

In comparing the first chapter of the first and last books of the Old and New Testaments, the Flesch-Kincaid research company’s Grade Level Indicator shows 'The KJV ranks easier in 23 out of 26 comparisons' (Riplinger, New Age Bible Versions, 1994, p. 195) betrays the strictly"

YouTube - BREAKING! Adobe and MicroSoft Expert - Obama Birth Certificate is a Forgery - 100%!

YouTube - BREAKING! Adobe and MicroSoft Expert - Obama Birth Certificate is a Forgery - 100%!: ""

YouTube - Maddow Debunks Conspiracy Therories About Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant Threatened By Flood Waters

YouTube - Maddow Debunks Conspiracy Therories About Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant Threatened By Flood Waters: ""

YouTube - Street Witness: I Believe In Personal Morals

YouTube - Street Witness: I Believe In Personal Morals: ""

YouTube - Bailout Battlefield: Greeks fight against foreign fiscal take-over

YouTube - Bailout Battlefield: Greeks fight against foreign fiscal take-over: ""

YouTube - Who Is Our Government Serving! Us Or Global Elites?

YouTube - Who Is Our Government Serving! Us Or Global Elites?: ""

YouTube - Tour Of DEA Drug Warehouse

YouTube - Tour Of DEA Drug Warehouse: ""

YouTube - BREAKING! Iran Test "Nuke-Capable" Missiles!

YouTube - BREAKING! Iran Test "Nuke-Capable" Missiles!: ""


As part of our online apologetics and discernment labors Apprising Ministries been documenting the New Downgrade within evangelicalism, which accelerated when its own mainstream made the fateful decision to more fully embrace the sinfully ecumenical Emergent Church aka the Emerging Church. Now upgraded to the Emerging Church 2.0, it actually has its own new postmodern form of “big tent” Progressive Christianity—a Liberalism 2.0—sometimes referred to by these rebels against the final authority of God’s Word as Emergence Christianity.
The EC would prove to be a Trojan Horse where Satan has been able to off-load his ne0-Gnostic mystic corruption Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism (CSM), an infestation of which is now becoming pandemic within the very heart of the church visible. I’ve told you before that this spurious CSM—the refried Roman Catholic mysticism “discovered” by Living Spiritual Teacher and Quaker mystic Richard Foster, and now perpetrated as supposed Spiritual Formation with an able assist from his spiritual twin SBC minister Dallas Willard, was a core doctrine in the EC right from its hatching in hell.
Let me give you an idea of how long this CSM has been slithering around in mainstream evangelicalism and exactly how far it has now spread. Dr. Gary Gilley has just reviewed The Life You’ve Always Wanted, Spiritual Disciplines For Ordinary People By John Ortberg and begins by telling us that Ortberg is:
a teaching pastor at Willow Creek Community Church, [who] published The Life You’ve Always Wanted in 1997 and expanded it in 2002. (Online source)
So this book dates back to when the EC left from its demonic den to begin slithering toward your local church circa 1997; and further, Willow Creek—though like the EC a part of the semi-pelagian (at best) Church Growth Movement—is not Emergent but a highly influential evangelical church in the more Purpose Driven/Seeker Driven-type camp. Yet just look at the CSM skubalon Ortberg throws at the flock:
The book, however, is heavily laced with the teachings, and teachers, of mysticism and Roman Catholic traditions and rituals.
The authors he draws from and quotes are a virtual Who’s—Who of mystics both past and present:
Richard Foster (pp. 9, 81, 100, 112, 113, 143)
Dallas Willard (pp. 10, 27, 35, 43, 52, 66, 92, 106)
St. John of the Cross (pp. 36, 157)
Thomas Kelly (pp. 76, 140, 150)
Thomas Merton (pp. 85, 95, 96)
Henri Nouwen (PP. 86, 99, 158, 161, 180)
Julian of Norwich (p. 91)
George Fox (p. 142)
Ignatius of Loyola (p. 142)
The Desert Fathers (pp. 171, 180)
Francois Fenelon (p. 173)
Madame Guyon (p. 186)
In addition, there are assorted liberals and Roman Catholic leaders that he quotes positively including:
James Dunn (p. 31)
G. K. Chesterton (p. 61)
Mother Teresa (pp. 66-68)
Carl Jung (p. 77)
Tony Campolo (p. 104)
Pope John XXIII (pp. 124, 207)
Soren Kierkegaard (pp. 11, 175, 218)
And as expected, since this book is about “spiritual disciplines for ordinary people,” there is much borrowed from Roman Catholic tradition, especially from the mystical wing (pp. 44, 54, 98, 102, 131, 201). (Online source)
Despite all of the above reasons to roundly reject it, as you can see below, this book of Romish coprolite comes highly recommended by Saddleback Church of Purpose Driven Pope Rick Warren:
For more on books by teachers of CSM, which you’ll find recommended and sold at Saddlback, I refer you to a couple of my pieces from last year, Rick Warren, Saddleback Church, And Spiritual Disciplines andSaddleback Church, Rick Warren, And Spiritual Disciplines. So here I’ll just show you that right underneath Ortberg’s book of mystic mythology at Saddleback’s recommended resources for Spiritual Disciplines you’ll find both of the main gurus in what’s becoming a cult of Foster-Willardism:
Notice that both of these books are made available to its flock by Saddleback, itself one of the most influential churches within the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest *cough* Protestant denomination in the U.S. Dr. Gilley has rightly referred to Foster’s magnum opus as a virtual encyclopedia of theological error.[1] I guess other than that it’s a pretty valuable book for evangelical Protestants; such is the growing syncretism and spiritual blindness. Ah, but there’s more; you’re probably aware that Dr. John Piper has apparently taken it upon himself to rehabilitate Rick Warren’s rep for the Reformed community. 

The Tablet - The rising star of justice and peace

The Tablet - The rising star of justice and peace: "Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana is to be the new president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. He is an accomplished scholar but also a prelate with a popular touch, and his appointment to the Curia confirms that he is in the ascendant

In the autumn of 1992, Pope John Paul II singled out Fr Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson to be the next Archbishop of Cape Coast in Ghana. But the priest, who was still several weeks short of his forty-fourth birthday, politely tried to decline the appointment.

The reason was simple. He was working to complete his doctoral dissertation on the Old Testament at the Biblicum, the prestigious Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome, and he knew that episcopal ordination would bring that arduous endeavour to a halt. After all, church law prohibits theologians from examining members of the Magisterium, making it impossible for “Archbishop” Turkson to defend his thesis."

ECAPS-Ning attacked by black op hackers - over three hundred members deleted - Earth Changes and the Pole Shift

ECAPS-Ning attacked by black op hackers - over three hundred members deleted - Earth Changes and the Pole Shift: "On June 23rd at approximately 06:00 UTC, over three hundred ECAPS members were deleted during a planned attack by CIA funded black ops which hacked into the ning and acquired admin privileges. This intrusion was soon discovered and isolated by the moderating staff, and while over fifty member accounts were able to be restored, many valuable blogs and comments were lost."

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Near-Earth asteroid passes over Atlantic Ocean | Reuters

Near-Earth asteroid passes over Atlantic Ocean | Reuters: "An asteroid with an estimated girth as large as a garbage truck soared within 7,500 miles of the Earth on Monday as it passed harmlessly over the Atlantic Ocean, according to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The space rock, measuring 5 to 20 meters in diameter, followed the same near-Earth path that scientists had earlier predicted, looping around the planet in a boomerang-shaped trajectory, JPL spokesman D.C. Agle said."

FORCES - THE EVIDENCE - Therapeutic effects of smoking

CLICK HERE: FORCES - THE EVIDENCE - Therapeutic effects of smoking

“Anti-Groping” Bill Passes In Texas | SHTF NEWS, Breaking News, U.S., World, Entertainment & Video News

“Anti-Groping” Bill Passes In Texas | SHTF NEWS, Breaking News, U.S., World, Entertainment & Video News: "By passing the bill, the “Texas Legislature is not only telling the (Transportation Security Administration) to change their policies – we’re telling the Obama Administration that we will not be intimidated and we will vigorously defend our Constitutional rights,” Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, who presides over the Senate, said in a statement."

BBC News - Bank of England has 'Greek default contingency plan'

BBC News - Bank of England has 'Greek default contingency plan': "The Bank of England has a contingency plan in place in case Greece defaults on its debt payments, its governor Sir Mervyn King has said.

Speaking before the Treasury Committee, he would not say how likely he thought a default would be, but added that the markets put the risk at 80%.

Sir Mervyn said the concern was how UK banks could be affected by knock-on effects of any Greek default.

However, he did not reveal any details of the Bank's contingency plan."

Feds find fix was in on 'study' of homosexuality in ranks

Feds find fix was in on 'study' of homosexuality in ranks: "A previously undisclosed report by the inspector general of the Department of Defense concludes that the fix – maybe even handed down by the White House – was in before the military ever started asking soldiers and sailors about how opening the ranks to homosexuals would affect the nation's defense.

The 33-page report is marked 'For Official Use Only' and describes an 'Investigation of improper disclosure of For Official Use Only information from the Comprehensive Review Working Group draft report.'

It was that report that famously was quoted as affirming '70 percent' of the nation's military members believe the repeal of the long-standing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' practice of allowing homosexuals to serve as long as they kept their sexual lifestyle choices to themselves would have either 'a neutral or positive impact on unit cohesion, readiness, effectiveness and morale.'"

YouTube - The Epistle of Polycarp to the Philippians

YouTube - The Epistle of Polycarp to the Philippians: ""



St. PolycarpPolycarp was Bishop of Smyrna (today known as Izmir), a city on the west coast of Turkey. The letters to the "seven churches in Asia" at the beginning of the book of Revelation include a letter to the church in Smyrna, identifying it as a church undergoing persecution. Polycarp is said to have known the Apostle John, and to have been instructed by him in the Christian faith. Polycarp, in his turn, was known to Irenaeus, who later became Bishop of Lyons in what is now France. We have (1) Irenaeus's brief memoir of Polycarp; (2) a letter to Polycarp from Ignatius of Antioch, written around 115 AD when Ignatius was passing through Turkey, being sent in chains to Rome to be put to death; (3) a letter from Polycarp to the church at Philippi, written at the same time; and (4) an account of the arrest, trial, conviction, and martyrdom of Polycarp, written after his death by one or more members of his congregation.

Polycarp was denounced to the government, arrested, and tried on the charge of being a Christian. When the proconsul urged him to save his life by cursing Christ, he replied: "Eighty-six years I have served him, and he never did me any wrong. How can I blaspheme my King who saved me?" The magistrate was reluctant to kill a a gentle old man, but he had no choice.

Polycarp was sentenced to be burned. As he waited for the fire to be lighted, he prayed: Lord God Almighty, Father of your blessed and beloved child Jesus Christ, through whom we have received knowledge of you, God of angels and hosts and all creation, and of the whole race of the upright who live in your presence: I bless you that you have thought me worthy of this day and hour, to be numbered among the martyrs and share in the cup of Christ, for resurrection to eternal life, for soul and body in the incorruptibility of the Holy Spirit. Among them may I be accepted before you today, as a rich and acceptable sacrifice, just as you, the faithful and true God, have prepared and foreshown and brought about. For this reason and for all things I praise you, I bless you, I glorify you, through the eternal heavenly high priest Jesus Christ, your beloved child, through whom be glory to you, with him and the Holy Spirit, now and for the ages to come. Amen.

The fire was then lit and shortly thereafter a soldier stabbed Polycarp to death by order of the magistrate. His friends gave his remains honorable burial, and wrote an account of his death to other churches.

Make Prince Harry our king, say Canadian monarchists - Telegraph

Make Prince Harry our king, say Canadian monarchists - Telegraph:“Prince Harry, who has virtually no chance of becoming king, could set himself up here and found a Canadian branch of the Royal family,” he said.

"Or the future king could rotate – six months in Canada, six in Australia, six in London.”
Mr Boisvert, as a French-speaking Quebecois, is the exception rather than the rule in a province where most francophones are indifferent to the Royal family and many are openly hostile."


THE DANIEL PLAN OF RICK WARREN ENCOURAGES “NEW AGE WACKO-ISM” : Apprising Ministries: "Therein Rick Warren criticizes some “very, very, confused believers” he’s read on the Internet, anonymous but of course, supposedly warning people against Biblical meditation. As I said before, being that I’m one of those very confused believers on the Net, I can tell you plainly that no one I know has ever been arguing against meditating upon the Word of God; it’s simply a straw man Warren dreamed up. As you can see from Warren’s own words, in both of these videos, the attack on these nameless people was an ill-advised statement from Rick Warren because I showed you that he’s, at best, playing a shell game with terminology; and, at worst, being disingenuous on purpose. Here I’m about to give you further evidence of this; and while doing so, I’ll also show you more of what Warren is exposing his flock to through his open recommendation of the counter-Christian teachings of Daniel Amen."

Court Tests Broadcast Profanity, Nudity Limits - Bloomberg

Court Tests Broadcast Profanity, Nudity Limits - Bloomberg: "The U.S. Supreme Court, accepting a case that will reshape the speech rights of broadcasters, agreed to decide whether federal regulators are violating the Constitution by imposing fines for on-air profanities and nudity.
The justices today said they will review a lower court’s conclusion that the Federal Communications Commission’s indecency policy is unconstitutionally vague. The dispute stems from expletives uttered on two Fox network award shows and from a scene with a naked woman on ABC’s “NYPD Blue.”"

YouTube - Ron Paul "Our Defense Is NOT Strong Because We're Spread To Thin Around The World!"

YouTube - Ron Paul "Our Defense Is NOT Strong Because We're Spread To Thin Around The World!": ""



Due to an ever increasing syncretism it’s now become more and more difficult to cover the various strains of unbiblical teaching as they swiftly slither their way into the Christian community, and which, are quickly blending together in ways we’d previously not even have imagined.
A glaring example is found in a Christian Post report today called First Global Code of Conduct on Evangelism to Go Online. CP contributor Anugrah Kumar, whom I mentioned the other day in The Wild Goose Of The Emerging Church Is Not The Holy Spirit, tells us that:
The first-ever dos and don’ts for evangelism endorsed by evangelicals, mainline Protestants and Catholics will now be available online after the World Evangelical Alliance and its partners launch the document in Switzerland Tuesday. (Online source)
Um, a set of guidelines for evangelism accepted by evangelicals, progressive/liberal mainline Protestants and Roman Catholics? Here we go mentally off-roading into the swamp of Humpty Dumpty Language:
The Rev. Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe, international director of WEA, will be among the world Christian leaders who will announce the public launch of the code of conduct, which for the first time ever has achieved such a broad Christian backing, in Geneva on June 28, WEA said in a statement.
“We are very pleased and grateful to God for all those who have worked so hard on the production of this text. The WEA fully endorses this document and recommends it for study and application to all our member alliances, churches, organizations and individuals,” said Tunnicliffe, whose organization represents over 600 million evangelical Christians worldwide.

Monday, June 27, 2011

TSA denies having required a 95-year-old woman to remove diaper - CNN.com

TSA denies having required a 95-year-old woman to remove diaper - CNN.com: "The woman's daughter, Jean Weber, told CNN on Monday that the TSA agents acted professionally and never ordered the removal of her mother's diaper. However, Weber said the agents made it clear that her mother could not board the plane unless they were able to inspect the diaper.
According to Weber, it was her idea to remove the diaper so it could be inspected and they could make their flight.

'They were doing their job according to the instructions of the TSA and their policies,' Weber said, later adding that the options offered them were to remove the diaper or 'she was not going to get on the plane.'"

Greek Army Threatens Military Coup: "We Will Not Be Sold To Foreign Powers"

Greek Army Threatens Military Coup: "We Will Not Be Sold To Foreign Powers": "That announcement came amidst violent protests, and as Tyler Durden pointed out, was nothing but a bold face lie meant to placate the masses. Soon after the announcement and the subsequent calming of the masses, the Greek Prime minister announced he would not be stepping down, instead would only be reshuffling top cabinet officials and would ask for a vote of no confidence from the corrupt parliament that is looking to put over stressed tax payers on the hook for an international loan with 30% plus interest rates to bailout crooked greedy bankers.

Needless to say, the Prime Minister survived the vote of no confidence, and the Greek Government is set to vote for and approve the IMF bailout loan under banker controlled corporate media threats that financial Armageddon will hit the world if the vote does not pass."


Report: Turkey tells West it might launch offensive against Syria: "Turkish officials have told Western countries that Turkey might launch a military operation in Syria's north to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad's regime, a Kuwaiti newspaper reported on Monday.

“Turkey informed Britain, France, Italy, Germany and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) leadership of the possibility that it would launch an offensive in … Aleppo, Homs, Hama and Latakia,” As-Seyassah daily quoted an unnamed British officials as saying, according to the Lebanese news website nowlebanon.com.

The report comes amid fears of undesired confrontation between the Turkish and Syrian armies along the border. About 12,000 Syrians have fled their homes in northern towns and have taken refuge on the Turkish side of the border. The Syrian army is reportedly reinforcing troops near the Turkish border to prevent further inflows of refugees towards Turkey. The Turkish military is also reportedly considering reinforcing border troops. Senior Turkish commanders have recently traveled to the border province of Hatay to inspect the border area."

NBC News: “This has grown much more serious just in the last few hours” at Los Alamos nuke facility — Mandatory evacuations ordered

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams: News and videos from the evening broadcast- msnbc.com

100% proof that something is wrong. ANTARCTIC John Gorman

100% proof that something is wrong. ANTARCTIC John Gorman

YouTube - A personal appeal from Ron Paul

YouTube - A personal appeal from Ron Paul: ""

Up to 30,000 drums of Plutonium-Contaminate​d Waste stored in fabric tents above ground at Los Alamos dumpsite — Lab says no comment

The Associated Press: Wildfire shuts Los Alamos lab, forces evacuations: "The anti-nuclear watchdog group Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety, however, said the fire appeared to be about 3 1/2 miles from a dumpsite where as many as 30,000 55-gallon drums of plutonium-contaminated waste were stored in fabric tents above ground. The group said the drums were awaiting transport to a low-level radiation dump site in southern New Mexico.
Lab spokesman Steve Sandoval declined to confirm that there were any such drums currently on the property. He acknowledged that low-level waste is at times put in drums and regularly taken from the lab to the Waste Isolation Pilot Project site in Carlsbad."

YouTube - "All Was Fine! All Is Fine! Nobody's Freaking Out Here!" Maddow Covers Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant

YouTube - "All Was Fine! All Is Fine! Nobody's Freaking Out Here!" Maddow Covers Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant: ""

YouTube - New Documents Prove TSA "Mischaracterized" Safety Aspects Of Full Body Scanners 1/3

YouTube - New Documents Prove TSA "Mischaracterized" Safety Aspects Of Full Body Scanners 1/3: ""

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