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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan nuclear fallout map - HOAX

SEE MORE: UPDATED ! No official link-back can be found to the Japan fallout forecast map. (The graphic has been removed, but it can be seen by clicking on the preceding link.) Further research indicates that the graphic was a hoax. Nevertheless, the direction indicated on the map is consistent with the Pacific Ocean jet stream. Comments to this blog post suggest that the trade or prevailing winds, such as the westerlies, would carry any nuclear radiation particles, not the jet stream. No contradiction, though, suggests that the direction of the map was incorrect.
Earlier today, a suspicious map circulated on the Internet, forecasting possible nuclear fallout from the Fukushima nuclear power plant explosion spreading radiation to the West Coast of the United States within 6 to 10 days time.
The suspicious map, bearing the logo of Australian Radiation Services, indicated that exposure to radiation following a likely nuclear fallout from the nuclear power plant explosion in Fukushima, Japan, could reach the West Coast of the United States within 6 to 10 days time.

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