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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pentagon lawyer regrets Seminole-al Qaeda analogy - Guantánamo - MiamiHerald.com

Pentagon lawyer regrets Seminole-al Qaeda analogy - Guantánamo - MiamiHerald.com: "The Pentagon’s top lawyer has sent the Seminole Tribe of Florida what amounts to an apology for Guantánamo war court lawyers likening al Qaeda to the Native American tribe in 1818.

But Defense Department general counsel Jeh Johnson made clear in the single-page letter that the U.S. government was standing by its precedent from Gen. Andrew Jackson’s Indian Wars in its bid to uphold the life-time conviction of Osama bin Laden’s media secretary at Guantánamo’s Camp Justice.

“I regret any larger suggestion that the Seminole Tribe should be equated with al Qaeda,” Johnson wrote in an April 7 letter. “I understand why the members of the Tribe and many others would take offense at the suggestion.”"

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