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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Drone Killing Debate: Germany Limits Information Exchange with US Intelligence - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International: "When death came, delivered from the sky, Bünyamin E. was sitting in the back room of a building in the mountains of Waziristan. A few friends of his were staying at the property, a farm on the outskirts of Mir Ali, including Shahab Dashti, who had slipped away from Hamburg at night to embark on a 'holy war.'

Bünyamin, 20, was new there, after coming to Pakistan in the summer of 2010. He and his brother Emrah had left their home and family in the western German city of Wuppertal, replacing their life in Germany with a new one led according to the rules of Sharia law.
Sometimes all it takes is a cigarette to make the difference between life and death. On that Monday in October, Emrah E. left the house at just the right moment to smoke a cigarette, he said later. That action would end up saving his life. The missile, fired from a drone, destroyed the back room of the building, killing Bünyamin, Dashti and a few others. The exact death toll is still unknown. Emrah, who saw his brother die as he stood outside, called their parents in Wuppertal to tell them what had happened."

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