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Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Nonsense -- Scientists Now Have Heart Attack Vaccine

More Nonsense -- Scientists Now Have Heart Attack Vaccine: "Scientists claim to have produced an antibody that reduces the scarring produced in the heart and brain following a heart attack by more than 60 percent. This scarring can cause as much as 80 percent of the permanent damage caused by a heart attack or stroke. The research has been tested on animals, and human trials are expected to begin within two years.

According to the Telegraph:

'... [T]he treatment could have even more of an effect than statins, the cholesterol lowering drugs ... Most deaths from heart disease are caused by a heart attack.'

Researchers are also working on creating a vaccine to treat addictions, which work by blocking addictive substances from reaching your brain. In the event a vaccinated addict relapses and takes a drug such as cocaine, the vaccine would make it so no pleasure was experienced as a result"

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