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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

HELLO @STEVENFURTICK : Apprising Ministries

HELLO STEVEN FURTICK : Apprising Ministries: "This is the heart of the matter: Intel that I have leads me to be fearful that while James MacDonald may believe he’s mentoring Steven Furtick, I’d say its much more probable he’ll be played if not careful.

Furtick is quite possibly maneuvering to use MacDonald’s credibility to make himself appear more legit; particularly with the lower end of the YRR demographic, which he’d likely skew very well within.

You need to know that Steven Furtick is very sharp; he’s a real Leadership Network type who’s been studying business leadership books for years; and one of his mentors is prosperity mogul T.D. Jakes.

In her well-researched post Steven Furtick is Lookin’ for the Favor Erin Benziger shows that Furtick, who as I said, is real fan of WF properity preacher Joel Osteen, is also making a move into that camp.

To me, Furtick gives every appearance of having, shall we say, just a bit of an ego. After-all, as a prophet-pastor claiming direct revelation and “visions,” he fits right in with spiritual flakes in the WF crowd."

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