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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

National Defense Authorization Act | Mr. Conservative

National Defense Authorization Act | Mr. Conservative: "Four nights ago the US Senate quietly passed the National Defense Authorization in a 93-7 vote. Prior to this, Senate leaders had urged to limit debate and move right to a vote.

This bill for the first time in American history authorizes the US military to detain, torture, and even assassinate American citizens on US soil — no right to a trial, no access to a lawyer, the government need only ACCUSE you of being anti-government or connected to terrorism for the NDAA provisions to apply to you.

This could be used against peaceful protestors, bloggers, journalists.

Concerned citizens are emailing and using social media. The senate can override any veto vote.

A media blackout is occuring. Of the three major cable networks, only one mentioned this at all. There is also likely widespread internet censorship occuring — US discussion sites have been having trouble with basic access."

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