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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Israeli ICBM Test Raises Possible EMP Attack on Nuclear Iran

Israeli ICBM Test Raises Possible EMP Attack on Nuclear Iran: "Israel announced Wednesday, the successful test of a Jericho III ICBM with a range of 4000 kilometers, approximately 2,500 miles. Yaakov Katz, Jerusalem Post military analyst, commented in an article today, “Rattling the Cage”:

"The Israel Air Force announced that it had returned from a week of joint maneuvers with Italy over Sardinia that included long-range flights, midair refueling and complicated bombing runs. On Thursday, the Home Front Command held a large-scale civil defense exercise aimed at preparing the public for missile attacks in the center of the country."

The Jericho III ICBM equipped with a nuclear warhead provides Israel with a powerful deterrent against a nuclear Iran. It gives Israel a credible Electronic Magnetic Pulse (EMP) capability to loft a low kiloton yield warhead to an apogee over Iran that upon detonation would destroy the country’s industrial infrastructure, frying motherboards of hundreds of thousands of computers, disabling telecommunications, transportation and industrial systems."

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