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Monday, May 14, 2012

Cop Kicks Pregnant Woman In Stomach, Dept. Says He Was Within Policy

A rogue cop from the DeKalb County Police Department in the state of Georgia is in the news for the third time in only seven months. Officer Jerad Wheeler is now being investigated after kicking a pregnant woman in the stomach.

No charges have been filed against Officer Wheeler for kicking Raven Dozier in the abdomen after the cop responded to a call involving a child custody issue, reports local television station WSBTV News. Dozier says she was trying to calm her brother down during police questioning after a police officer used a Taser gun on her sibling. After her brother was shot, Ms. Dozier says she started crying and questioning the officer over his actions. That’s when Wheeler is reported to have gotten violent.

"I think he really just didn't want me asking him any questions, questioning him, and when I did question him is when he kicked me," Dozier tells the station.

Ms. Dozier was just shy of nine months pregnant during the incident. She underwent an emergency c-section procedure two weeks after and gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Levii. Now more than four months after being assaulted by the officer, Dozier is still demanding justice.

According to the Dekalb County Police Department, Officer Wheeler was in the right.

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