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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

WSVN-TV - Man behind bars allegedly growls, tries to bite officer

WSVN-TV - Man behind bars allegedly growls, tries to bite officer: "Officers say a man in police custody has an entire department shocked after he allegedly growled and tried to bite an officer's hand off; an eerie resemblance to the cannibal attack on a South Florida causeway.

Two North Miami Beach officers were eating at a Boston Market in North Miami Beach on Saturday evening, when Brandon DeLeon, a homeless man, walked into the restaurant and began to yell obscenities at them.

DeLeon then threatened to fight the police officers, forcing them to place him under arrest. But it was the events after DeLeon was put into a holding cell that has officers very concerned.

According to an officer's safety bulletin, "While at the holding cell, DeLeon banged his head repeatedly inside the holding cell. DeLeon growled at officers in the booking area like a rabid dog. DeLeon attempted to bite Officer Ruiz's hand off.""

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