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Thursday, October 11, 2012

BREAKING! Celebrity Tila Tequila Exposes the Illuminati | EndAllDisease.com

BREAKING! Celebrity Tila Tequila Exposes the Illuminati | EndAllDisease.com: "I always assumed Tila Tequila was like all the other girls you see on TV who seem to be famous for nothing really important, though she is a model and musician amongst other things. So I never really paid much attention to her. But recently I learned about a bizarre episode in her life which happened only a few days ago. The 30-year-old (purportedly) suffered from a brain aneurysm in the middle of the night and, not being able to think straight, downed two bottles of prescription medication to make the pain go away. This caused more pain and she became so desperate that she started screaming out for help, broke her bedroom window and attempted to jump out before a friend, alerted by an odd ext message rushed over to save her.

Then the news reports that it was actually a suicide attempt, not a brain aneurysm."

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