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Friday, February 11, 2011

Perverted NIV Teen Study Bible

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While the NIV Teen Study Bible scripturally explains many subjects and provides teens with some helpful insights for their teenage world, the Teen Study Bible also contains some very disturbing information. It is especially disturbing in light of the impressionable and often confused teenage mind.

It is also alarming that a major publisher would include some of the shameful information found in the Teen Study Bible. It is even more disturbing that the staff at Zondervan actually reviewed it, edited it, approved it and published it.

The Zondervan Teen Study Bible is in the typical "in your face, extreme, radical, graphic, colorful, hip, cool" style that supposedly appeals to the average teenager. Throughout the Teen Study Bible are various notes addressing topics specifically relating to teenagers, such as dating, sex, self-image, school, drugs, et al. Most topics are explained in a fairly, conservative, evangelical, though "watered-down" manner.

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