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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Attorney: Cop used excessive force in IHOP melee  | ajc.com

Attorney: Cop used excessive force in IHOP melee | ajc.com: "According to several videos posted on YouTube.com, the officer, whose name was not known, shouted at a woman sitting in the corner of a booth near the door and then he lunged at her. A woman wearing a black dress appeared to be trying to separate the officer and her friend when the officer slapped her. The woman in the black dress hit him back, and he punched her in the face."


Anonymous said...

Perhaps in the future you will learn to look for alternate sources of news. There is another video taken that shows the woman repeatedly assaulting the officer and interfering in the arrest of the original offender. She's lucky she was not hurt badly due to her own stupidity and lawlessness.

News Hound said...

Atlanta Journal Constitution Is as mainstream as a news source as you can get. By the way the Headline is a quote from the womans attorney, goes without saying that he is biased torwards his client.

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