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Monday, April 25, 2011

Even the Federal Reserve is Broke | The Liberty Voice

Even the Federal Reserve is Broke | The Liberty Voice: "How bad is the situation in America today?
Very bad. Not like Animal House bad and the dean has kicked the frat boys off campus, more like Titanic and the boat hit the iceberg and everybody dies except the elite in their comfy lifeboats.
Whether we are talking about the continual erosion of personal freedom in too many ways to name, or radiation, toxic dispersants, droughts, crop failures, wild fires, wars, rumors of wars, oil prices, food prices, maybe nothing is as telling about the dire straits the nation is currently in than the following quote from John Hussman:
As a side note, it’s probably worth noting that the Federal Reserve has already pushed its balance sheet to a point where it is leveraged 50-to-1 against its capital ($2.65 trillion / $52.6 billion in capital as reported the Fed’s consolidated balance sheet )."

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