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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WE WATCH: Is Japan going to sink?! pt.1

WE WATCH: Is Japan going to sink?! pt.1: "Record land mass movement has been observed in Miyagi. Quake-hit Oshika Peninsula moved 5.3 meters and dropped 1.2 meters according to Geospatial Information Authority. Goverment showed both records data on Saturday. Geospatial Information Authority based in Tsukuba issued a report that says that peninsula on the Pacific coast moved in East-SouthEast direction toward the quake epicenter.

Earthquake also triggered land mass movements in many areas ranging from northeastern region of Tohoku to the Kanto region including Tokyo. In Iwate prefecture, a point in Yamada (north of Miyagi) moved 25cm to the east, while a point in Chiba’s Choshi, south of Miyagi, moved 17 cm to the east."

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