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Monday, October 17, 2011

savethemales.ca - Does Faulty Grammar Signify Decadence?

savethemales.ca - Does Faulty Grammar Signify Decadence?: "A sentence is the basic unit of written communication. If we learn only one thing in school, it should be to write a sentence.

Increasingly I am posting submissions and material from other sources. I also post email response. About one in three do not know or flout this basic rule.

How difficult is it to learn? A sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period. It must contain a noun and a verb, a subject and a predicate. See here.

"The dog (noun) chases (verb) the cat." "The dog" is the subject. "Chases the cat" is the predicate.

Yet I have an acquaintance who somehow attained a Master's Degree in Social Work and cannot write a sentence.

He is engaged in a custody battle and is writing his own affidavits.

"Your inability to write a sentence discredits you," I tell him.

He just laughs and acts like I am an old pedant defending his obsolete turf.

"You sound like one of my old professors," he says."

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