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Monday, October 17, 2011

Take Turmeric to Avoid Pancreatic Cancer that Killed Steve Jobs

Take Turmeric to Avoid Pancreatic Cancer that Killed Steve Jobs: "Special: These U.S. Doctors Are Quietly Curing Cancer
One simple preventative step is to take the spice turmeric, which is a strong cancer fighter, says Wascher.
Steve Jobs lived for seven years after he announced he was suffering from pancreatic cancer. Most victims aren't nearly so fortunate and often live less than a year after their diagnosis. But Jobs had a rare type of pancreatic cancer called neuroendocrine. "Only 5 to 8 percent of pancreatic cancers are this type, and its biology is different from the more common garden variety called adenocarcinoma that most people get," says Wascher. "The form Jobs had is less aggressive and patients tend to live longer."
One reason for the poor survival statistics -- it kills more than 37,000 Americans a year -- is that pancreatic cancer usually causes no symptoms until it is advanced and has metastasized to other organs. The fortunate few who survive, including Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, are diagnosed early, when the disease is treatable by surgery — and usually as a result of a CT scan or MRI conducted for another reason."

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