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Sunday, October 23, 2011

savethemales.ca - Pink Invades Last Male Bastion, Football

savethemales.ca - Pink Invades Last Male Bastion, Football: "First off, cancer is a Rockefeller-New World Order disease. If they didn't invent it, they have made it a lucrative industry by suppressing the cure.

The Illuminati have been using "charities" to fund their takeover for a century. The Rockefeller Foundation has subverted society as a "tax exempt" foundation.

Second, asking male athletes to wear pink is emasculating. It is insulting to the athletes and their fans.

Luciferians use breast cancer as a flimsy pretext to invade this last bastion of masculinity. (They never tell you their real motive.) Keep this in context - they are mainstreaming homosexuality. (Channel surfing today, I heard a CNN commentator say, in reference to this story, boys kissing boys on stage "will be commonplace" in 10 years.)

Third, I like football because the games are not fixed like almost everything else. Most games are hard fought and come down to the wire. Similarly, unlike the mass media in general, sports coverage is honest.

Fourth, I watch football because it is a meritocracy.
Coaches and players are chosen for their performance alone, and not for their race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. This is the way society should be."

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