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Saturday, November 19, 2011

China warns US on territory disputes - FT.com

China warns US on territory disputes - FT.com: "The remarks were made after Barack Obama had been reinforcing the message of a robust US presence in Asia in a key foreign policy speech. On Thursday, the US also announced it would station 2,500 troops in Australia, a move seen as an attempt to counterbalance China’s rising military influence in the region.
“China […] supports Asean in handling disputes in its own way and opposes outside interference in Asean’s internal affairs,” Mr Wen said in a statement carried by Xinhua, the official news agency. He went on to invoke the common interests of China and the Asean countries as rising economic powers which face a west in decline, and reiterated Beijing’s often-stated pledges that it was committed to co-operation and would never seek hegemony.

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