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Friday, November 04, 2011

World War III: Bomb Iran, Russia and China will retaliate

CLICK HERE: Did you know that apparently World War III has been planned?  This appears to be the reported scenario.  American-backed forces will bomb Iran.  You may think... whateva.  Iran is a backward and isolated country.  After all, America bombed Iraq and Libya.  That did not lead to World War III.  Wrong!  

Iran is neither backward nor isolated.  Tehran's subway system makes the New York City system appear to be a dump, and Iran is part of a NATO-style alliance backed by Russia and China.  Oh.. you did not know that, did you?  Now, are you starting to see the big picture.  So, if we bomb Iran, Russia and China will have to bomb us??
Russia's Vladmir Putin has already warned of retaliation if the American axis bombs Iran, and that's exactly what will happen: World War III.

The idea of America bombing Iran, is like Russia threatening to bomb Mexico or Canada, because it was "supicious of Mexicans or Canadians are pursuing the building of an nuclear bomb."  Wouldn't that sound ludicrous to you?  Well, the current scenario, likewise, sounds ludicrous to most Iranians.

Now, do you think for a minute, that America would allow Russia to bomb one of its allies, and near its borders, on some falsified pretext?  Iran is practically a Russian neighbour.  Most Americans don't even seem know their own U.S. geography though, to be aware of such a detail.

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