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Monday, December 05, 2011

PressTV - 'UK, US devising arms to wipe off races'

PressTV - 'UK, US devising arms to wipe off races': "“They (the US and UK military establishments) even developed a black-only bomb that targeted the Afro gene. There is even talk now that there may be one for the Chinese gene,” Peter Eyre, a Middle East consultant, said in a recent interview with Press TV.

Eyre described the sinister project as “absolutely insane,” adding the work on such weaponry initially started in former Rhodesia [modern day Zimbabwe] by the UK government, but was then transferred to South Africa [by then UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher] when the former British colony declared independence.

The analyst went on to say that the US and UK have not only amassed a huge stockpile of biological and chemical weapons but also provided dictatorial regimes around the world to use and develop such lethal weapons.

“The United States, the United Kingdom…were behind providing Iraq Saddam Hussein with chemical and biological warfare [during Iran-Iraq conflict]…The UK actually paid for the laboratories to be established [in Iraq] and helped them (the former Iraqi regime) produce that,” Eyre said. "

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